Breakthru 4

From Gear Patrol: "Saucony gets a whole lot of attention for shoes at opposite ends of its product line: super-cushioned Triumph ISO and the long-standing favorite of speedsters everywhere, the Kinvara. But there are two shoes in the middle of its lineup that people don't ever seem to talk about: the Zealot ISO, which sits just beneath the Triumph in terms of cushioning, and the Breakthru, which sits just above the Kinvara, occupying a space that should earn it far more discussion than it does. The Breakthru 4 is a no-nonsense shoe that offers just enough cushioning, a nice dose of responsiveness thanks to a newly added layer of Saucony's proprietary EVERUN foam and a fit that doesn't skew too narrow or too wide And at only $100, it's a hell of a bargain."


2018 Spring




Footwear Designer