Duck Goose Brewery

This Art, Design, & Digital Culture project brief was to create an animated .gif of something that represented happiness using Photoshop, and a static image to show progress. Students were able to use any media they liked, and I chose to use Illustrator and Photoshop.

Once pieces were illustrated in Illustrator, they were exported as .psd files and manipulated in Photoshop to create movement. All texturing and coloring was completed in Illustrator prior to export. No original photography was used in the creation of this piece. This is my first-ever animation.
The inspiration for this piece was a Duck Goose hybrid that lives in the front of my neighborhood. He is the only one of his kind that lives in the man-made lake, and he is very aggressive when cars approach because he is often fed by drivers and neighbors. I chose to portray him not only as selective, but also as a beer-lover and the mascot of Duck Goose Brewery.